Chemical Name: Decanedioic acid, bis(2,2,6,6-tetramethyl-1-(octyloxy)- 4-piperidinyl) ester

CAS No.: 129757-67-1

Chemcial Structure:

Assay: MONOMER≥65%; DIMER≤20%

Package: 25KG Drum


BIOSORB® 123 is a solvent-free hindered amine light stabilizer dispersion developed for waterborne coatings. Based on the NOR Hals, it is suited for coatings requiring a non-basic, non-interacting radical scavenger light stabilizer type. BIOSORB® 123 fulfils most stringent durability requirements of high performance industrial and decorative applications. BIOSORB® 123 is a highly effective light stabilizer in a wide range of polymers and applications including acrylics, polyurethanes, sealants, adhesives, rubbers, impact modified polyolefin blends (TPE, TPO), vinyl polymers (PVC, PVB) polypropylene and unsaturated polyesters. Moreover, BIOSORB® 123 is also recommended for applications such as automotive and industrial coatings, decorative paints and wood stains or varnishes.

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