Chemical Name: 4,4'-Thiobis(2-tbutyl-5-methylphenol)

CAS No.: 96-69-5

Chemcial Structure:

Appearance: White powder

Assay: ≥98%

Package: 25KG Bag


BIONOX® TBM-6 is non-staining and non-discoloring hindered thiophenol antioxidant with approval for food packaging use in many countries. BIONOX® TBM-6 is used as an anti-oxidant in HDPE and LDPE for tubes, water and gas pipes, connectors, high voltage cables and green house films. BIONOX® TBM-6 has high resistance to thermo-oxidative degradation and washout, excellent compatibility with peroxides and great synergism with carbon black. BIONOX® TBM-6 is also used as a polymerization and processing stabilizer (PP, ABS, PVC, EPDM and polybutadienes), and anti-skinning agent for hot melt adhesives, an anti-scorching agent for polyurethanes during condensation of TDI on polyesters, and a heat stabilizer for lubricants.

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