Chemical Name: 1,3-Bis-[(2'-cyano-3',3'-diphenylacryloyl)oxy]-2,2-bis-[[(2'-cyano-3',3'-diphenylacryloyl)oxy]methyl]propane

CAS No.: 178671-58-4

Chemcial Structure:

Appearance: White crystalline powder

Assay: ≥99%

Package: 25KG Carton


BIOSORB® 3030 exhibits very good heat stability and very small volatility due to its high molecular weight. It can be used to stabilize polymers with high extrusion temperatures.Besides Polyamide and PET, BIOSORB® 3030 is typically suitable for stabilizing polycarbonates due to the good compatibility with the production process and excellent stabilizing effect. 

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